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Different kinds of yeast infection and their causes

Yeast infection occurs basically when there is an over growth of yeast any where in or on your body. It is not true that yeast infection occurs only in the genital area. Have you heard of oral yeast infection? It occurs mostly among youngsters and men! Such oral infections are caused due to some previous chronic infection. The yeast (fungus) is actually present in our body. Only when it starts growing at an abnormal rate, problems are faced. There are some causes the intake of certain antibiotics, unhygienic lifestyle, poor dietary, intake of too much sugar or carbs, etc. Also oral sex with a woman who has yeast vaginal infection can transfer the disease into the mouth. Male yeast infection is uncommon but once it occurs, it grows rapidly. Some symptoms are white a red blotchy patches on the tongue and in the mouth. Some soreness might also be felt. Eating and swallowing can become very painful at a point.

Another type of yeast infection is skin yeast infection. This is caused by intake of steroids, birth control pills and also due to the habit of staying in damp clothes.Woman vaginal infection is a common phenomenon. The vagina and the area around the vulva are infected. The main symptoms are pain during urination and sex, foul smelling discharge and excessive itching and visible irritation of genital area. This is a very dangerous disease and it is even communicable through sex. So immediate cure and care is vital for any woman who is affected. Go to your doctor if you face these symptoms. Don’t delay other wise problems will get worse with time.

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Yeast infection-causes symptoms and precautions

Yeast infections are caused due to the growth of Candida albicans which is a type of fungus. Vaginal candidiasis is a type of yeast infection. The vagina and vulva both are infected due to vaginal candidiasis. Yeast is present in general in the vagina. The problems start occurring when they grow out of control. There are several yeast infection treatments but do not try and self medicate yourself. Everyone’s body is different and thus they would react differently to different drugs. Visit your doctor and get a check up. He or she will be able to recommend the best medicines which will suit your need and cure yeast infection faster.

The most common yeast infection causes are tight clothing and an unhealthy lifestyle. The causes are as seen, not limited to your periods. Some antibiotics could trigger some reaction to over growth of vaginal yeast also. Diseases like HIV and diabetes also can be one of the causes. Stress, depression and insomnia have also been told to cause yeast infection. You should keep your vagina as dry as possible. After bath and bowel movement, wipe your genital area with a soft towel. Do not rub. Also wear loose fitted clothing. Tight clothes cause sweat and a warm and moist atmosphere helps in growth of yeast. Also if you have heavy periods, change your pads or tampons more often. Some commonly occurring yeast infection symptoms are itching and burning sensation of the vagina or around the vulva, foul smelling unpleasant discharge, visible irritation and occurrence of rashes, sores and red spots around the genitals and pain during sexual intercourse or during urination.

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